The Importance of Quality

Many oils, touted as essential oils, are derived with harsh chemicals, diluted, or copied and produced in a lab. Cheap copies bring cheap results and have the potential to be toxic. Therefore, it’s important to choose high-quality essential oils.

Young Living offers the highest possible therapeutic-grade essential oils, essential oil blends, and oil-enhanced products. At Young Living, in-house and independent laboratory testing shows that Young Living essential oils meet high industry standards that qualify them as “therapeutic grade.” This means that health professionals choose them for promoting health and wellness.

Young Living is dedicated to producing essential oils from the highest-quality plants. Healthy plants and proper distillation produce superior essential oils with powerful benefits. Every oil is put through a series of rigorous tests before it is deemed qualified to bear the Young Living label. Our essential oils are then bottled in dark, thick, glass containers to protect the integrity of the oils. Under the lid is a fixed orifice that helps to measure dosages and to ensure safety, particularly for young children.

Leading the Way in Essential Oils

After personally witnessing the amazing difference between common aromatic oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils, D. Gary Young, Founder and President of Young Living Essential Oils, began a personal campaign to protect the legitimacy of the ancient healing art of essential oil therapy.

Gary’s vast experience, years of study, and guidance from world experts became a driving force to restore the proper use of essential oils. The results? Three herb farms, a unique distillation process in the nation’s largest therapeutic-grade essential oil distilleries, and a booming, worldwide company-Young Living Essential Oils.