What do the top blends do?

Jan 15th, 2020 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

When we talk about the benefits of essential oil aromas, we throw out words like soothing, balancing, and refreshing. Sometimes we get fancy and slip in energizing, inviting, and purifying. But what the heck do those words mean?

It’s time we put YL definitions to descriptions and dive deep into four of our most-used aroma adjectives. Why these four? Because they’re the top words for our top blends, and each blend fits one or two—or four—of these benefits.

Invigorating in-ˈvi-gə-ˌrā-tiŋ adj : stimulating and refreshing; this aroma is just what you need when you want to accomplish all the things.

Uplifting əp-ˈlif-tiŋ adj : promoting feelings of optimism and inspiration; this scent is like feeling the warmth of the sun in the middle of a rainy day.

Relaxing ri-ˈlaks-iŋ adj : calming and restful; like a warm bath and a pair of fuzzy socks, this aroma can help you unwind after a long day.

Grounding ˈgrau̇n-diŋ adj : connecting with the earth spiritually, boosting focus and stability; inhale this scent when life’s thrown you a bit out of balance.

Article source: https://www.youngliving.com/blog/what-do-the-top-essential-oil-blends-do/