The Diamond Way: 10 Daily Tips from Young Living Diamonds

Jan 6th, 2016 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

We asked several of our Diamond leaders about what daily habits make a difference in their businesses. Their answers are both inspiring and accessible, making it advice that you can incorporate into your life every day. We hope that you find their tips uplifting and aspirational—we sure did!

Answers may have been edited for clarity and brevity.


  1. Make a To-Do List and Stick to It

“Learning how to manage our time is one of the most important keys to success, and creating a daily to-do list plays a huge part in that. My ideal list for the day contains no more than six top-priority tasks that have to happen, and my goal is to make those happen no matter what. It has been said that discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and then do it. Making a list is issuing myself that command for the day. When it’s full of income-producing activities, great things happen!”

—Callie Shepherd, Crown Diamond (United States)


  1. Connect with Your Leaders

“Each day I try to connect with at least one of my leaders in a meaningful way, whether it’s a text or a phone call. Discovering the goals, dreams, and passions of our leaders and unlocking their “why” for doing this business adds a meaningful layer to the business. That’s really what Young Living is all about!”

—Callie Shepherd, Crown Diamond (United States)


  1. Develop Yourself Personally and as a Leader

“You can only go as far as you grow, so personal development is a top priority for my day. I begin and end each day by reading, visualizing, writing, and watching videos on the subject of becoming a better person and a better leader. I think this is a big missing piece for people just starting out. They think this work comes after they already have a team. Our team culture emphasizes that success starts with mindset first and that everything else follows. We need to train our brains to think and act bigger! Developing these attributes then brings the confidence and posture necessary for success.”

—Jihan Thomas, Diamond (United States)


  1. Be Passionate About the Products

“The more passionate I am about Young Living’s products, including the compensation plan (which I consider to be another product), the easier it is for me to speak about it with other people. Using the products gives us personal experiences that we can share with others. It’s what drives our business, and it’s what makes me feel good. The happier we are, the more we will attract people who would like to feel and live the same way.”

—Jihan Thomas, Diamond (United States)


  1. Love Those Around You

“I get emails and Facebook messages all the time. While I know there could be a business template answer for some of the questions I receive, I’d much rather spend a few moments replying personally and let another human being know that their life matters to me. When a situation arises, I ask myself how I can help someone experience a genuine sense of love and appreciation. I try my best each day to find ways to love people, even if I feel that I need to be tough and direct. It’s always a decision to act from a place of love.”

—Kai Tan, Diamond (Singapore)


  1. Read Two Articles a Day

Read two articles a day regarding natural wellness. Whether you decide to research the latest in GMO, food, diet, lifestyle, or essential oils, it’s important to always be learning and growing. Reading just two articles a day adds up to 730 articles a year. Keeping informed and building a base of knowledge is what can give you deep understanding that you can draw from throughout your life.”

—Joanne Kan and Eric Yang, Royal Crown Diamonds (Hong Kong)


  1. Keep Your Priorities in Line

“Our home and business life is very fluid, and no two days are alike. Between our three young children, homeschooling, and our business, there’s always a sense of being pulled in conflicting directions. At the beginning of each day, we make a list of our five most important tasks—both business and personal—that we want to accomplish in the day. So many days it can feel like we have been busy, but we are not sure what exactly we have done. Being able to check off these items helps keep us focused and leaves us feeling accomplished at the end of the day.”

—Jilene and Duane Hay, Diamonds (Canada)


  1. Focus on the Positive

“When we are faced with challenges, we make the choice to focus on the positive aspects and the things that we can control. We believe difficulties are to be expected, and we should be prepared for them. It’s normal to feel upset and frustrated at times, and we don’t want to completely ignore negative feelings, but we can also be grateful for an opportunity to grow and work around new obstacles! Much of our growth happens in the face of adversity. Choosing to be grateful in all situations and fostering a culture of overcoming barriers is very important for us to effectively lead our team.”

—Jilene and Duane Hay, Diamonds (Canada)


  1. Keep Yourself Organized

I keep three boards. One is a to-do list, one is a contact/care list, and one is current issues. Each day I look at the to-do list and put three tasks there that need to be accomplished that day and two tasks that I’ll be working on that may take a bit more time. Once they’re up there, I review my tasks and get to work. The satisfaction of erasing something complete is huge! If all of your tasks were long-term, staring at them endlessly would give you a feeling of never-ending doom. Manageable, one-day tasks must be incorporated with the long-term ones.

“The second board, the contact/care list, is where I write the names of my team members to contact that day or that week. I choose five people on my team who need my attention, a care call, or some love. Taking the time for this is an invaluable step in caring for and learning about my team members.

“The third board, current issues, is for all of those items that I need to fix for members on my team. When members message or call with their issues, I write their name, member number, and issue on the board. This way, when talking to Young Living staff, I have all of the information in one place and am prepared.

“Another great feature of these boards is that I can grab my cell phone for a quick picture of the wall as I go about my day. This keeps the lists handy, and when I’m finished with them, I just delete the picture!”

—Amanda Uribe, Diamond (APO/Japan)


  1. Follow Through on Your Commitments

“I determine what classes I am scheduling, teaching, attending, and keeping up with on our team. As business owners, we run our own schedules, and it is important to make sure that we have opportunities on the calendar for education, encouragement, and fun for our teams. This includes building time into each week for care calls, leader calls, and potential member follow-ups. Following through on these commitments, each and every day, is what creates stronger teams and stronger businesses.”

—Danette and Jim Goodyear, Crown Diamonds (United States)


Which of these daily habits will you adopt this year? Share your favorite(s) in the comments below!

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