Three Tips to Avoid Dry Winter Skin

Jan 22nd, 2015 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Winter Skin Care - Young LivingSome of my favorite winter memories involve snowmobiling, sledding, skiing, and building snowmen with my loved ones then returning home to a toasty fire to reminisce about the day’s events. However, I found that my chapped and dry skin didn’t have as much of a good time!


Turns out that both the cold air outside and the warm air inside dry out your skin. Cold air holds fewer water molecules than warm or hot air, so when you are outside in cold weather, the extra dry air pulls moisture from your skin. When you head back inside, the warm air from indoor heating evaporates additional moisture.


During the holidays I tried four wonderful suggestions given to me by a dermatologist and several Young Living leaders. Let me share them with you.


1.    Use Moisturizing Gels with Skin-Loving Essential Oils

Stock your showers with moisturizing shower gels that clean effectively without stripping your skin of its natural moisture barrier. Try adding the following oils to Young Living bath and shower gels for a moisturizing experience for every member of the family!

Morning Start Bath  Shower Gel - Young Living


Men’s Shower Gel

Using Morning Start® Bath Shower Gel, mix in 6 drops each of the following essential oils, adjusting as desired:



Lavender Bath and Shower Gel - Young LivingWomen’s Shower Gel

Using Lavender Bath Shower Gel, mix in 6 drops each of the following essential oils, adjusting as desired:


2.    Use Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizers with Skin-Loving Essential Oils

I want my family to use my favorite lotions and to use them often. I take my favorite Young Living lotions, with added essential oils for my own personal twist, and stash them in every room, purse, backpack, and car in our household.


Lavender Hand and Body Lotion - Young LivingMen’s Hand and Body Lotion

Add the same custom essential oil blend as in the shower gel—Blue Spruce, Hong Kuai, Sandalwood, and Shutran—to Young Living’s Lavender Hand Body Lotion, adjusting as needed to fit your preference.


Women’s Hand and Body Lotion

Start with Lavender Hand Body Lotion and add 6 drops each of the same essential oils used in the shower gel: Geranium, Myrrh, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang, adjusting as needed.


3.    Use a Humidifier: Set It and Forget It

If you’re looking for a simple, passive way to help your skin, try using a humidifier in your home. You can turn it on and forget about it as you go about your business, and the humidifier does the rest! I also love diffusing essential oils near my humidifier. The essential oil mist teams up with the humid air to create a pleasant atmosphere. I avoid adding essential oils directly to my humidifier because my model has plastic parts that are difficult to clean.


Winter Hands - Young LivingThese aren’t the only ways you can fight the ravaging effects of winter air on your skin. Young Living’s products have a unique versatility that might surprise you. Recently, while sledding with family, I noticed that my little grandson’s nose and cheeks were starting to chap. I only had Lavender Lip Balm with me at the time, so I applied it directly to his face. It worked wonderfully!


If you’ve had similar experiences with Young Living products or want to share your own tips for keeping your skin moisturized in winter weather, leave us a comment!


—Gloria Russo, International and Portfolio Brand Manager, Personal Care

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