Give Hand-Carved Soaps with Our Newest DIY!

Nov 21st, 2014 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Young Living Carved Soaps Young Living products always make great gifts. To add an extra personal touch, try our newest DIY: Hand-carved Young Living soaps. These soaps are a thoughtful and creative way to share Young Living and make great gifts for friends and neighbors!


Materials needed:

  • Any Young Living bar soap
  • Paper
  • Cuticle pusher, nail file, or other small carving tool
  • 3 pins


1.    Choose your soap and design.

Lemon Sandalwood Cleansing Soap™ and Thieves® Cleansing Soap are my favorites, so I made a gift out of each: one for my neighbor and one for me! For the designs, I made a “T” (for my neighbor’s last name) and the Young Living logo. I measured the soaps (the top face is approximately 3 inches by 1 5/8 inches) and created a simple design on paper to fit. Here are some templates you can use to get started:


Young Living Soap Template    Young Living Carved Soap Template    Young Living Carved Soap Template

To use a template, copy and paste the image into your preferred word-processing program. Make sure the outside square has the right dimensions (3 inches by 1 5/8 inches) and print.


Young Living Carved Soaps 2.    Prepare your soap.

Use two pins to hold your design in place, inserting the pins into an area you plan to carve out later. Use the third pin to prick through the paper around the border of your design, creating an outline. If the design outline doesn’t seem clear enough after the paper is removed, feel free to go over it with a pen or pencil. You can remove the marks when you’re done carving.



3.    Carve your design.

Young Living Carved Soaps Don’t worry about buying any special tools. I used items I had around the house to carve my designs: a cuticle pusher and a nail file. When you’re done carving, remove any pen or pencil marks with a cotton swab dampened in hot water. You can also use this method to help smooth out the carving lines.

When you’re cleaning up, don’t throw away the soap shavings. I put the leftovers of each soap in their own organza bag, and then used them as loofas in the shower. They created a great velvety lather, and I was grateful I didn’t waste any of the soap!


Young Living Carved Soaps 4.    Add the finishing touches.

I added a simple ribbon to the box for embellishment, and then presented the “T”-carved soap to my neighbor, who loved it!


If you have ideas for exciting designs or any suggestions on how to best use the soap shavings, please give us your thoughts in the comments. Enjoy your personalized bar soaps!


Gloria Russo—International and Portfolio Brand Manager, Personal Care

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  1. Jeanette Castelino says:

    Thanks for the carving idea! I would use the shavings in my soap dispenser(s)! You would need to shake it once in a while to help dissolve the soap. You can divide the shavings between your dispensers, too.

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