5 Places in Your Home Where Germs Thrive

Oct 20th, 2014 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Thieves Hand Soap - Young LivingWith fall officially in full swing and winter just around the corner, we can expect that the cold and flu season is also on its way. As I’ve researched ways to stop illness from spreading through my family, I’ve found some surprising places that germs love to flourish. Here is my list of five places germs love to hide, along with some ways our Thieves® line of products can help get rid of them.


Hand Washing1. Our hands 

We use our hands to touch everything—just look at the next four types of germ refuges in this list—so it’s wise to keep them clean. Frequent hand washing will not only clean the skin’s surface, but it will also prevent germs from traveling from location to location.

Hand cleanliness depends on soap and friction duration. Keep Thieves Foaming Hand Soap or Thieves Bar Soap at every sink and teach your family to scrub for at least 20 seconds. I like to sing the ABCs with young ones while they wash their hands to help them know how long to scrub.


2. Shared objects: doorknobs, cell phones, TV remotes, and light switches, to name a few

Since some of these objects should not get wet, Thieves Wipes and Thieves Spray are especially ideal. Once the area is clean of visible dirt, either spray directly on the object or on a cotton round for surface wiping. Keep in mind that evaporation is key in getting rid of foreign invaders, so allow air drying after cleaning.


3. Keyboards

If you and your family members eat, sneeze, or fail to wash your hands when using the computer, its keyboard could be a health hazard. In fact, some studies show that keyboards often play host to harmful bacteria like E. coli and staph. Some studies even found keyboards that had germ levels five times higher than a toilet seat!


To keep germs at bay, wash your hands before and after using keyboards. If you and your family like to eat while using the computer, then clean your keyboard immediately afterwards by gently shaking out the crumbs or even vacuuming it.


Since keyboards should not get wet, cleaning yours regularly by wiping it down with a Thieves Wipe or with a cotton ball sprayed with Thieves Spray is recommended. Don’t forget to clean the mouse, too!


4. Toothbrushes

Since germs like moist areas to grow, your toothbrush is prime real estate. Charles P. Gerba, professor at the University of Arizona in Soil, Water, and Environmental Science, found that flushing the toilet sends germs floating around in the bathroom for at least two hours before landing on objects like your toothbrush.


Close the toilet lid before flushing and keep your toothbrush away from the toilet in an environment where it can air out between uses. Clean the toilet bowl often with Thieves Household Cleaner.


5. Salt and pepper shakers

Surprised? I definitely was, but the science is rather convincing. In 2008, researchers at the University of Virginia investigated surfaces touched by adults who recently came down with a cold. They found that 100 percent of the salt and pepper shakers tested positive for the virus!


When you wipe down the table after eating, remember that the salt and pepper shakers can get germy, too! Just as important, remember to wash your hands before and after seasoning your food.


Make sure you protect your home by cleaning these five areas as often as needed. Our safe and natural Thieves products are the perfect solutions for cleaning without exposing your family to synthetic, potentially harmful ingredients. Stay well this season and throughout the year with the cleaning power of Thieves products!


—Gloria Russo, International and Portfolio Brand Manager—Personal Care

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