Relieving Stress with Essential Oils, Part IV

May 30th, 2014 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

A great way to learn healthy coping strategies for managing your stress is to try new techniques, find a few that work for you, and practice them until they become habits. In this, the fourth part in my series on relieving stress, I’ll offer some quick and easy tips using essential oils that you can incorporate to help you relax physically and mentally.


Sometimes the best way to let off steam is to write down whatever is bothering you by truly expressing your feelings. Diffuse Grounding™, Release™, Clarity™,  or Inner Child™ with the Aroma Diffuser or apply them topically to encourage clarity while you put your feelings down on paper. Once you have identified your frustrations, you can focus on a plan of action for changing the things that you can control and releasing those that are out of your control.

Gratitude Journal

Spending five minutes writing down a few things that you are grateful for each day will help shift your focus from what may not be working well to the many positive things in your life. This exercise can shift energy away from negative thoughts and call to mind positive experiences. Diffuse or topically apply Gratitude™, Harmony™, Hope™, Humility™, Inspiration™, or Joy™ to enhance feelings of strength and increase your sense of gratitude.


Physiologically, when you smile your whole countenance shifts. If that smile is genuine, your attitude will shift too, and you will increase positive feelings. If you’re having a hard time “finding” a genuine smile, look to the items in your gratitude journal and diffuse or topically apply Joy™ or Citrus Fresh to help boost your mood and lift your spirits.


Moving your body by stretching or doing a few short yoga poses is a quick way to physically shift your energy field. Take a few moments to diffuse or topically apply the following oils to help ground you and uplift your spirit during stretching:

Comment below with ways that you incorporate essential oils to help shift your energy and relieve stress in your life. I always love getting your input!

—Heidi Jeanfreau, YL International and Portfolio Brand Manager

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