Life 5 Has a New, Improved Formula

Oct 7th, 2013 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Most of us are seeking ways to support our health and overall wellness. One way millions of individuals do this is through probiotics. Probiotics are products that deliver “good” bacteria to the digestive tract. Studies show that they support digestive and immune systems by improving nutrient absorption and waste elimination.

However, it is important to know that not all probiotics are created equally. First, you should seek active, or live, strains. Second, you should know that different strains offer different benefits. Young Living has spent many years of research to create Life 5 , a proprietary, high-potency combination of five preferred bacteria strains.

Not only does Life 5 contain these preferred, active strains, but it has also recently experienced  exciting updates to improve its stability and potency. The first and most important improvement was changing the gelatin softgel to a new, smaller, delayed-release Licaps® capsule. Designed to bypass the gut, this new capsule delivers beneficial bacteria strains to the digestive tract. Next, we improved the product’s stability by switching to a new metal bottle cap that, when sealed between use, better protects Life 5 from harmful oxygen and moisture. All told, Life 5’s improved benefits include:

  • Higher active culture count (increased from 8 billion to 10 billion)*
  • Improved efficacy by allowing more cultures to directly enter the digestive tract
  • Improved stability that requires refrigeration after opening and better protects the opened product from oxygen and moisture

By implementing these changes, we were able to achieve our goal of improving Life 5’s stability and potency, effectively improving an already excellent product without increasing its cost. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try this beneficial product, now is the perfect time to improve your digestive health and better support immune function through the new Life 5.

—Ryan Seely, YL Product Manager

*At the date of manufacture.

  • I’d really love to give this a try!

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