Einkorn Nuggets: A Holiday Treat

Oct 22nd, 2013 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

With the holidays quickly approaching, consumers are being bombarded with delicious, unhealthy snack options. Just the other day I passed six different candy displays on the way to the produce section of my local supermarket. As I battled my sweet tooth cravings, I wondered why unhealthy foods are so delicious. Luckily for me, Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young has formulated and launched a new product to deliciously help satisfy cravings—just in time for the holidays.

Einkorn Nuggets are a perfect combination of Einkorn flour, whey, and essential oils enrobed in delicious, sugar-free Ecuadorian chocolate. Let’s take a closer look at some of these ingredients:

Einkorn Flour—The benefits of Einkorn, considered one of the earliest and purest forms of cultivated wheat, include higher nutritional value and fewer digestive concerns compared to other varieties of wheat. Unlike modern wheat, which has been hybridized to contain multiple sets of chromosomes, Einkorn is a diploid (has one pair of chromosomes), which is believed to make it simpler to digest. Einkorn is packed with thiamin, protein, fiber, and lutein. Evidence suggests the gliadin protein found in Einkorn may be milder for individuals sensitive to gluten.

Essential Oil Blend—Young Living’s Einkorn Nuggets combine pure Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils for just the right amount of minty, delicious, flavor.

Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate—This premium, banana-puree sweetened, 70 percent dark chocolate is made from only the finest Ecuadorian Arriba cacao beans. It also delivers the many health benefits of chocolate without added cane sugar sweeteners.

Whey—Whey is one of the most bioavailable proteins for humans and is an abundant source of amino acids. Einkorn Nuggets contain GMO-free whey that is guaranteed free of growth hormones.

Almond Butter—Made fresh the day it’s ordered, our roasted almond butter delivers protein and binds the center of the Einkorn Nuggets together without added salt, sugar, or oil.

Coconut Syrup—Our Einkorn Nuggets contain coconut syrup, which is a low glycemic sweetener produced from the sap of coconut trees.

This proprietary formula provides four grams of high-quality, bioactive protein and amino acids. Einkorn Nugget’s balanced, savory flavor delivers a healthful snack unlike any other. Order yours today!

—Ryan Seely, YL Product Manager


  • I like what we tasted at Convention 2013 better. The center was crunchier and not so strong on the minty side. These are okay, I just liked the Convention formula.

  • wow that sounds WONDERFUL! Is it available isn Ecuador?

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