Young Living Skin-Care Products Ahead of Industry Trends

Apr 5th, 2013 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Despite the last economic downturn, antiaging products generated billions of dollars. They are continuing to experience steady growth, with sales projected to reach $144 billion by 2015. Behind this astounding sales projection is a consumer base that unequivocally wants antiaging solutions.

This is good news for Young Living’s hundreds of thousands of Independent Distributors, since our antiaging products and entire skin-care line is second to none. What is even better news is that Young Living is actually ahead of industry trends.

The following is a compilation of this year’s skin-care industry trends, along with a brief explanation of how Young Living is staying ahead of the curve. This information will not only boost your confidence, but it will also give you a well-deserved edge as you continue to share Young Living products with the world.

TREND: Skin care is becoming more and more a way of life. Consumers want to be loyal to a brand that works to avoid the bombardment of choices.

YL: Young Living skin-care products perform. Gaining loyalty will be a natural course of events.


TREND: Healthy skin begins on the inside and is manifested on the outside. To properly achieve this, a skin-care regimen now requires a holistic strategy to wellness that includes emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical properties.

YL: Our multitasking products and comprehensive business plan are comprehensive, supporting a holistic wellness.


TREND: Wholesome, green products are exponentially gaining momentum.

YL: Young Living’s ecofriendly Seed to Seal® process cultivates the purest and most potent essential oils and products.


TREND: Increased focus on education and science.

YL: Science-based products are coupled with continuous education and training events such as the recent Young Living Beauty School.


TREND: Culturally inspired skin-care methods and ingredients.

YL: Young Living skin care utilizes acupressure, facial massage, facial fabric masques, orchid ingredients, therapeutic essential oils, and the Raindrop Technique.


TREND: Sales of skin-care serums are rapidly growing.

YL: Young Living’s AŸRŸT® Renewal Serum is just the beginning.


TREND: Simple ingredients coupled with sophisticated technology that produces cutting-edge products.

YL: Pioneering groundbreaking products has always been Young Living’s standard.

Young Living is offering what consumers need and what they are actively seeking. As you work to take Young Living into every home in the world, remember how many people are searching for the skin-care solutions only we can provide.

Gloria Russo–YL Product Marketing Manager

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