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Apr 25th, 2013 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), baby boomers will be the first generation where the majority “will maintain their natural teeth over their lifetime.” Why? The fundamental differences between previous generations and the baby boomers are education and product quality.

But despite improvements in oral-health education and superior products, one out of every 20 adults or 5 percent of baby boomers between the ages of 40–59 is still missing ALL of his or her teeth, requiring full dentures or implants. When considering the preventative cost of good dental hygiene in comparison to the therapeutic cost of implants or dentures, choosing and using the most effective oral-care products becomes a critical priority.

That is why Young Living offers a variety of toothpastes to meet individual needs, has improved Thieves® Dental Floss for more effective results, and provides Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash, which thoroughly cleans teeth and gums while freshening your breath.

Young Living has a product for everyone at a price that is good for your mouth and your wallet. However, the fundamental issue that is easily missed when comparing pricing is quality. Remember: Commercial brands put in harmful fillers, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, and dyes. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” is applicable.

Here’s what Young Living distributors have to say about using Thieves toothpaste:

“A year ago, in addition to other things the dentist asked me to do, I added Thieves® Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste to my regular brushing, flossing, and six-month dental checkup regimen. This morning the results of my checkup amazed my dentist of over 30 years. Not only were my teeth cavity-free, but my gums were also healthy. Thank you!”

“I started using Thieves® Dentarome Plus Toothpaste a few weeks ago, and my teeth are noticeably whiter! The toothpaste started working within a few uses. I have whiteners from the dentist but didn’t feel comfortable using them because of the chemicals in them and the way my teeth felt so sensitive afterward. Now I brush longer and my teeth look great. I enjoy my smile in the mirror!”

Your smile is your best accessory, and to give you one more thing to smile about, we are giving away 10 free tubes of Dentarome Original Toothpaste to 10 randomly selected people who leave a comment on our blog.

Can’t wait to hear from you,

—Gloria Russo, YL Product Marketing Manager

TIP:  Once you have loaded your toothbrush with your favorite Young Living toothpaste, add a drop of lemon oil to further brighten your smile.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about using Young Living oral-care products to beautify your best asset!


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  • Great Stuff !!

  • I continually get asked what I do to keep my teeth so white and I am thrilled everytime I get to tell people that it is because of my natural lifestyle and oral care routine! Between my healthy diet, high quality essential oil products and good oral hygiene – I look forward to having a bright, healthy smile for years to come

  • My using the Dentarome Plus for my gums, the Mouthwash and Thieves oil has reversed my gum disease and my dentist says whatever you are doing keep doing it! Love the oral care products.

  • New to these products, but loving the oils and eager to try the toothpaste. Looking forward to switching to healthier products like these all over my home.

  • Thanks for the lemon oil tip! Definitely going to try that.

  • How does the toothpaste effect sensitive teeth?

    • Since I started using this product the sensitivity in my teeth has lessened tremendously!!

    • I have sensitive teeth and I’ve been using the Thieves and so far so good. I have had no pain due to sensitivity.

  • I’m just starting to use these products. I will try the Thieves as I have Inflamed Gums.

  • We all use the thieves line in our home. My son had bad gums from chewing tobacco and now they seem to be healing! good schtuff!

  • Thieves toothpaste plus Lemon….oh happy day! My 2 most favorites!!!

  • Thanks for tip about the lemon oil, I can’t wait to try it. And I definitely want to try the toothpaste.

  • Would love to try the Thieves toothpaste.

  • Just learning about oils, so this was very helpful. Thanks!

  • I love this toothpaste! My teeth feel so clean and there is no icky coating on my tongue anymore!!

  • I love Dentarome! I haven’t had a cavity and have super healthy gums ever since I started using it about 10 years ago!!! I cringe every time I forget to bring my toothpaste with me on a trip and have to use anything else because it gives me such a good clean feeling!

  • Love your toothpaste!! I just started using the Dentarome toothpaste about a week ago. It tastes great, a lot better than the other natural alternatives out there. Thank you for coming up with such a fantastic product. I am hooked!!

  • I’m just learning about the YL oils and I’m looking forward to getting to know these wonderful products!

  • Would love to win the toothpaste – I LOVE the Thieves Essential Oil and Cleaner!!! I am a believer.

  • I just started using the toothpaste and love it,,,my bottom teeth are super sensitive and I feel no pain using the toothpaste,,PLUS you only need a little bit,,,and works great with dentures too. Use them for scrubbing my top dentures,,, would love any info on what to leave overnight soaking in with my dentures(tops).

  • I would love to try this and have my husband try it too! He is currently having issues with his gums, and I am wondering if this would help.

  • I use the entire line of Thieves oral products. The mouthwash is so safe it can even be swallowed!

  • Just started using for improvement in whitening and gums. Love the taste!

  • Looking forward to using it!

  • Excited about the toothpaste and planning on using the lemon oil tip tonight. Thanks!

  • We just recently started using YL toothpaste! Love how fresh and clean my mouth feels. Thanks for the tip on using the lemon! Cannot wait to try it!!

  • I am somewhat new to buying YL products and Thieves is the next one in line that I want to try. Not only the toothpaste, but the cleaning products as well.

  • Finishing up the Thieves Household cleaner and I loved it! Now I am going to go for the oral care products!

  • I can’t wait to try more Thieves products! I love the handsoap and want to try the toothpaste next.

  • 3 Thieves toothpaste 3

  • I’ve had nothing but trouble with my teeth since I was a child, and am looking for a natural way to take care of my teeth. I would love to try this product to see how it works, though as much as I am in love with your other products, I’m sure I would love this too!

  • Absolutely LOVE Thieves toothpaste(s)

  • I love all of Young Living products. I use the toothpaste and mouth wash regularly.

  • I would love to try this! I’ve been whitening my teeth with the drugstore white strips, but they leave my teeth so sensitive and eat away at my enamel.

  • I haven’t tried the Theives toothpaste yet, but would love to! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • I have not tried the toothpaste yet, but would love too, and I love the lemon drop idea…going to try that also!! Our family love your oils, my son refuses to take medication and the oils has really help when he gets sick, he loves to use them and the cold or whatever goes away much faster than with over the counter meds…Thank You Young Living!!

  • I ran out…..I’m never letting that happen again!

  • I have used Thieves for toothaches but have not tried their toothpaste…would love one!

  • I would love to try it!

  • I use Thieves toothpaste every day and absolutely love it!

  • Dentarome is by far my favorite toothpaste!

  • It helps me keep my teeth clean, especially with my braces. I always get a good report after a check-up!

  • I use the oil to help make my gums more healthy etc but haven’t tried the toothpaste, would love to try!

  • This toothpaste is SOOOOO good! I love the taste of it

  • This is next on my ER order! Can’t wait to try these products!

  • I have been using Thieves Dentarome Ultra for a few weeks now. I love how clean my teeth feel and they are noticeably whiter.

  • I love Thieves Dentarome Ultra the mouthwash! I can never go back to “regular” chemical laced toothpaste. I just wish they would make a travel size to take with me on trips.

  • I would love to be able to try this! I use a homemade toothpaste with Thieves and sometimes just brush with a drop of Thieves oil. My mouth has never felt cleaner!

  • I haven’t tried it yet, but would love to!

  • My son and I both use YL toothpastes. He got a clean bill of health at the doc and he is a candy fanatic! Yay for Theives!

  • I love my Dentarome! Had to use my former brand one day and missed my Dentarome!

  • I would NEVER switch back! My teeth have been whiter, gums healthier and and cavities minimal since switching. It also got rid of a pocket that kept filling with fluid in the back of my mouth! Dentarome Ultra is my favorite, but the Dentarome Plus works well as deodorant! Weird, but true!

  • Your mouth always feels fresh.Teeth are brighter. I LOVE MY THIEVES!!!

  • Just getting into using YL oils! Would love to try this out too!

  • Eager to try it!

  • I have never tried this but I use thieves every day to help keep myself healthy !!! I am getting to know just how great the oils are and all the wonderful uses serve !!!!

  • Hmmmm…This sounds good.

  • Looking forward to trying this out!

  • Love Thieves cleaner! Have not tried the toothpaste, but would like to.

  • I would love to try this!!

  • I owe thousands from my cancer, I couldn’t afford a bag of peanuts at a circus!!
    I am willing to try anything now!!

  • I haven’t tried the toothpaste yet but would love to. My son loves his Slique YL toothpaste.

  • My teeth have felt so much better since using thieves products and my breathe is fresher!

  • My favorite is the Thieves. I use the oil in my dishwasher as a difuser, makes my home smell wonderful. I would love a chance to try the toothpaste.

  • I haven’t tried the toothpaste yet but I love these oils! my mom has introduced me to them!

  • YL Thieves has been my best friend for the last 3 years… Cant imagine cleaning anything without it! 3

  • Thanks for the lemon oil tip! I am a new distributor and would to try this toothpaste, I haven’t had the chance yet!

  • My kids and I all use the YL toothpaste! I like to add a drop of Wintergreen

  • I LOVE the Thieves line. I have not tried the toothpaste and would love to!

  • I have just joined YLOil in the last few months and I have to say I am pleased to death with the products and the results of using them, but that also means being a newbie I have not used all the products and have just started using Thieves household cleaner and love it so I see no reason why I wouldn’t love the toothpaste do you:-)?

  • Thinking of trying the toothpaste. The more I learn, the more I want to.

  • I have amazing experience with the Thieves toothpaste. When I first purchased my first tube I had a month before my dentist appointment to see if this would help my gums. When I went to my appointment the hygienist told me that my gums looked really good and that I must be flossing. In the past I would get scolded for not flossing more and this time I was actually praised for flossing….well little did she know I wasn’t flossing anymore than I used to. It was all because I changed my toothpaste to the Thieves Ultra!! I was so happy that it worked and that I did not get scolded by the hygienist!!

  • I would love to try this, actually was about to order it

  • I have used several Young Living essential oils, Would love to try the toothpaste!

  • I love the Thieves line of products! It keeps me happy and healthy!

  • We been using thai for a few months and LOvE it! The lemon oil idea is brilliant!

  • Haven’t tried this yet! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Have always wanted to try this.

  • Would love to try thieves toothpaste. I love thieves oil.

  • I always have teeth issues and would really like to give this a try. Don’t like the taste of Thieves by itself but would like to try this. Adding lemon or wintergreen both sound like a good idea!

  • Love all the YL oral care products. I use the Theives Toothpaste and have great dental checkups!

  • I have just recently been introduced to young living products and I am currently waiting for my first order to arrive! I’m so excited to get started with the products. I would LOVE to try the toothpaste too! I cannot find anything else that is floride free

  • this is on my list to try!!

  • I love everything I’ve tried from YL and I know this toothpaste would be awesome too!!

  • I can brush with my Thieves Dentarome Ulta Toothpaste, go eat MEXICAN food, and STILL feel fresh-brushed! LOVE LOVE LOVE my thieves toothpaste!

  • I made the switch to Thieves toothpaste last fall and have no intention of ever changing again. I appreciate the lemon tip- I had heard of using Frankincense the same way, but Lemon sounds much more appealing!
    (On a strange side note, applying a dab of Thieves toothpaste to a still-forming blemish has worked wonderfully for getting rid of the nasty things before they make an actual appearance!)

  • I would love to try this toothpaste!

  • I love your oils and would love to try the toothpaste!

  • Wow! not familiar with this brand iv’e always used Tom’s. No harm in branching out thanks for the info.

  • I would love a free tube of YL toothpaste!

  • Would love to give the toothpaste a try! I have very sensitive teeth and whitening would be lovely!

  • I have been interested in trying the Dentarome Toothpaste too! I actually had an appointment with my dentist today. I had a clean bill of health…my husband on the other hand is having issues with receding gum lines. I’m wondering if the Theives in the toothpaste might help strengthen his gums. BTW, thanks for the tip on the lemon oil!

  • I use the Ultra and the mouthwash and have turned many friends onto them..i will so check out the Lemon oil drop…yay more groovy info. I heart YL!

  • I LOVE Thieves toothpaste. I suffered terribly with sensitive teeth until I used Thieves toothpaste for about 3 months – I will never be without it!!

  • Teaching a class on Thieves tonight. A timely post!

  • I need this thieves toothpaste since having my baby my teeth have been weaker and cavity ridden!!

  • Would love to try this product thanks!

  • I have advanced periodontal disease. I had deep pockets of 7′s and 8′s.Was supposed to have oral surgery. Started using Dentarome toothpaste about 10 yrs ago and the pockets are now 4′s or less. Avoided surgery! It’s an amazing product! I can’t even stand the taste of ‘regular’ toothpaste anymore..

  • I’ve used the Dentarome toothpaste before and like it. Hope I can win some!

  • I’d love to try it, but I can’t afford to buy anything right now.

  • This is THE BEST toothpaste ever! My teeth and gums are not sensitive anymore – they were when I was using the fluoride paste from the dentist. Never going back! *love the lemon tip and will have to try that*

  • Just got my first order of the toothpaste today. I have used it once and love it.

  • Thieves toothpaste is all my husband and I use, Love it, and won’t ever go back to the old stuff. Thanks Y.L for making such a great product!!

  • I love the tooth paste!

  • I love thieves toothpaste!

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