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Dec 20th, 2012 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

I can still feel the cold, crisp morning in October—a life-changing day for me. A few of us were up early walking, laughing, and pondering the days ahead. I was focusing on my task to come of teaching about Young Living and bodywork for the next five days. I could hardly keep my mind grounded as it raced with a multitude of thoughts and ideas. One thing I knew: I had a very special five days ahead of me.

I rushed through breakfast, showering, and getting the treatment room ready. I waited anxiously for my first client to arrive and took out my special oil blend of Sacred Angel™. All I did was open the bottle when I felt the amazing scent of this oil come to me. I felt angels come into the room one by one. As the excitement of this special experience developed, I felt such a beautiful spirit enter the room.

I continued to feel the light and enlightenment from Sacred Angel for days afterward. These days were full of pure bliss, which filled my whole soul with light and love. It is so difficult to put into words the spiritual enlightenment I felt from this oil blend. It gave me a higher sense of being and enriched my soul. I truly felt the energy from the vibration of Sacred Angel envelope my whole being and raise me to a higher level of awareness. In this greater awareness, I was more in tune with my higher power and was elevated to a level where I could help others better reach their awareness.

I feel as if Sacred Angel helps me be a better massage therapist. I am able to enhance my clients’ lives more effectively when assisted by this oil blend. Thank you, Young Living, for another wonderful oil blend to make my life and others better.

Share your experience or comments below for your chance to win one of two bottles of Sacred Angel!

Peace be with you,
—Kaye Lynne Murphy, LMT

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