The School of Nature’s Remedies Seminar

Jul 24th, 2012 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Young Living offers a vast assortment of high quality, pure essential oils and oil-enhanced products. Have you ever wondered how to incorporate more of these products into your everyday life? Would you like the opportunity to be guided through the practical application of these products by a seasoned expert? If so, then The School of Nature’s Remedies is the training program for you!

Modern lifestyle makes it challenging to discover your full wellness potential. Poor diets, toxins, pollution, and excess stress can make optimum wellness seem elusive. But despite these difficulties—and no matter your current condition—a state of optimum wellness is more attainable than you think.

Imagine enjoying sustainable energy levels, exuberant physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. When all of these come together, a highly desirable state is created that scientists define as vigor or vitality. This level of being inevitably increases your potential to enjoy greater wellness, purpose, abundance—and ultimately happiness.

The School of Nature’s Remedies is an exclusive Young Living training event created to foster an environment of learning and discovery by educating knowledge seekers about the profound benefits and uses of Young Living products. Implementing even a few simple and foundational strategies from it will help you experience timely, positive changes and empower you with the insight, knowledge, and motivation required to achieve better wellness and make it a long-lasting reality.

During these one-day, hands-on events, you will discover how to stimulate the body using safe and effective natural methods. Training participants will acquire priceless knowledge and discover unique methods to attain optimum wellness.

Endowed with knowledge and confidence, those who attend this event will improve their ability to share Young Living products with their friends, family, and community.

Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your mind and realize your maximum wellness potential through The School of Nature’s Remedies. Schedule your ultimate training experience today at

—Scott Johnson, Product Training Program Manager

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