Essential Oils Help You and Your Pets Relax

Mar 23rd, 2012 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Did you know that your pets are extremely sensitive and aware of your mood and emotions? I know many pet owners who have experienced times of sadness or anxiousness, and then suddenly their beloved cat or dog comes to them as if to help ease their woes. So what do you do when your furry friends are upset, anxious, or jittery? Consider using Young Living essential oils to help.

As suggested in the Essential Oils Desk Reference, “If you have a high-spirited, jittery animal, apply Peace Calming® and/or Valor® on yourself first. As you approach the animal, it will react as it perceives the aroma. Kneel down or squat beside the animal and remain still for several minutes so that it can become accustomed to the smell. As the animal breathes in the fragrances, it will become calmer and easier to manage.”

For this post I wanted to share a portion of a protocol Gary Young demonstrated on a young horse at the Young Living farm in St. Maries, Idaho.

Gary showed us how essential oils assisted in calming a young stallion as it prepared for a training session. First, Gary applied a few drops of Valor on his hands; he then put one hand on the base of the horse’s tail and the other on its withers.

Gary explained that relaxation is the first step to healing. He suggested applying Trauma Life™, Surrender™, or Peace Calming™ on your hands and then briefly holding your hands up to the animal’s muzzle or nostrils. As the animal relaxes, Gary explained, work your hand around the side of its jaw and up along the neckline to its ears, and then rub its ears and top of its head.

As the horse relaxed even more deeply, Gary added more oils to the palm of his hand, and the horse inhaled the oils very willingly. Gary continued rubbing the horse’s ears, head, and neck.

I have been working with essential oils and humans for more than 12 years now, but I was truly blown away when I saw how this horse completely transformed from being jumpy and edgy into becoming soft and relaxed!

If you have an anxious pet—or if you are feeling anxious yourself—I suggest using Valor, Peace Calming, RutaVaLa™, or lavender on yourself. Then gently pet your dog or cat, and see if you both start feeling more relaxed and happy.


Tracy Griffiths

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