Five Secrets to Having More Energy and Vitality, Part IV

Feb 15th, 2012 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

As we continue through the Five Secrets for More Energy series, we come to the sacral chakra, or the energy center that correlates with the water element. This chakra is located at the belly button, the lower back, and the pelvic region. The water element governs our creativity, sensual and sexual energy, desire, emotional connectivity with others, and our ability to deal with change by “going with the flow.” If we are deficient in the water element, we may feel emotionally detached or we may deny ourselves pleasure.

If you are feeling tight in your hips, have lower back issues, or are feeling emotionally overloaded or disconnected from your feelings, try some of these simple exercises combined with Young Living’s grapefruit, jasmine, orange, rose, Inner Child™, or SARA™ essential oils.

Preparation: Apply 1 drop of your choice of oil to your lower abdomen and/or lower back.

Take a few moments to deeply inhale the scent of the essential oil and allow the aroma to penetrate into the brain, lungs, and blood stream.

If you have been harboring resentment toward someone, living or dead, acknowledge that person and choose to shift your feelings in order to have a different emotional attitude regarding what did or did not happen in that relationship. As you inhale the oils, increase the depth of your breath. As you breathe out, become aware of how deeply you can exhale and pause before taking in your next breath. Repeat this for 6–10 breaths. This will help you become centered.

Windshield Wipers: Sit on the floor and stretch your legs out straight in front of you. Place your hands on the floor behind you, leaning back with fingers pointed comfortably away from your body, keeping your legs hip-distance apart. Gently move your feet at the ankles, toes in opposition, inward and outward, for about 2 minutes. Experiment with speed and rhythm. Gently stop and close your eyes. Notice the effects on your body, specifically in the pelvic and belly region. Repeat 2–3 more times.

Rowing: Remain seated on the floor and bend your knees slightly. Reach toward your toes, placing your hands over the tops of your toes, and grab the balls of your feet. Flex your feet toward your knees and inhale. On the exhale, push your feet forward like you are stepping on a gas pedal, keeping your toes flexed and your head forward. Pump your feet back and forth for 1–2 minutes. This movement opens up the sacrum, hips, and lower abdomen.

These simple energy exercises, combined with Young Living essential oils, has helped me and many of my clients move from feeling stuck, disconnected, and depressed to feeling more open, connected, loving, and peaceful.

As always, feel free to comment on your results.

Tracy Griffiths

Tracy Griffiths is passionate about bringing Young Living Essential Oils and natural-healing principles to people all over the world. She is a registered polarity practitioner, licensed massage therapist, craniosacral unwinding therapist, and certified aromatherapy technician and instructor.

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