No More Hectic Holidays

Dec 1st, 2011 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Let’s face it, fall and winter months can feel like the most hectic time of the year. We are bombarded with planning and preparing events and activities surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas time leading to increased stress and tension. Over the years Young Living has created a mix of soothing oils which clear the mind and relax emotions, allowing us to get through these busy months with ease, grace, and comfort. Here are some oils to easily use to enjoy the Holidays.

1. Peace Calming essential oil blend—one Young Living’s most popular blends of oils, its’ citrus combination provides a relaxing sense of peace throughout the entire house.

2. Lavender essential oil—this oil’s sweet floral aroma is both soothing and refreshing add to its’ wide use. It assists the body in adapting to the stresses of a busy holiday. Simply rub a few drops to the wrist to release tension and balance the body.

3. Brain Power essential oil blend—applying it to the top of your head, removes sluggish feelings, kick starts your thought process, and allows the mind to focus.

Yes, the Fall and winter months bring their own challenges, but also many cherished memorable moments. By using these few amazing oils, you will be well on the way to handle whatever comes your way. You will allow yourself to focus more on the wonderful experiences that are sure to await you this Holiday season.

Peace Be With You,
Kaye Lynne

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