The ABC’s of Enlightenment

Nov 14th, 2011 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Sometimes, even in the midst of a mistake, discovering takes place. This was illustrated to me on a day when I decided to explore the properties and benefits of Young Living’s Awaken™ essential oil blend. After opening a bottle, I poured some oil into a 1-ml container. Unfortunately, an unsteady hand sent half of the bottle spilling out over the table. Thinking quickly, I applied the spilled oil to the back of my neck, hairline, wrist pulses, soles of my feet, and temples. By the end of the day, I looked back and noticed I had accomplished a lot more than usual, procrastinated far less, and in general could sustain work with greater ease allowing me to accomplish long-awaited projects.

The next day I applied Awaken, this time 1–2 drops on same areas, and applied Believe™ on my heart chakra and third eye. Believe is a beautiful blend of Idaho balsam fir, rosewood, and frankincense. As a blend, Believe helps release the unlimited potential we all possess. A few minutes after applying both essential oil blends, my prayer was simple: “I am a vessel of God’s light. May every action, every thought, every feeling, every belief, every moment be filled with the light of God and may all that I am and do today be of value to all of life.” This set the direction for my day and recognized the importance of hope and belief in the unlimited potential that lies within.

On the third day I applied Awaken and Believe and diffused Citrus Fresh™ to introduce a fresh and clean scent into my office. Citrus Fresh contains orange, tangerine, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, and spearmint. While each has multiple properties, together they help with anxiety while stimulating the right side of the brain to amplify creativity. Between diffusing Citrus Fresh and applying Awaken and Believe, enlightenment becomes as simple as ABC to experience the amazing wonders of our creative potentials each day.

Enlightenment can occur every moment—and with the addition of precious essential oils we seem to be able to go far beyond what we thought was possible. The impossible now appears achievable with just a bit more effort! May your days be filled with wonder and as you apply one drop of nature’s gifts; allow the highest thoughts of gratitude to fill your soul and every cell of your being. Now spend the rest of the day rejoicing!

Nancy Weber

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