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Nov 11th, 2011 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Second only to water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage around the globe. Its desirable taste and relaxation and weight-management effects are just a few of the reasons why. These qualities found in tea can be traced to a unique, naturally occurring, and neurologically active amino acid known as L-theanine.

L-theanine is a free amino acid found almost exclusively in tea plants. It is the predominant amino acid in green tea leaves, giving green tea its pleasant, savory taste. Contrary to the stimulating properties of caffeine, L-theanine acts antagonistically against caffeine on the nervous system, creating a sense of relaxation and heightened mental awareness 30 to 40 minutes after consumption. An additional lesser-known benefit of L-theanine is its positive effect on stress and anxiety, which have been linked to infections, weight gain, and depression.

Studies have shown L-theanine may also mitigate the harmful effects of stress. Instead of causing drowsiness or promoting sleep, it accomplishes this while producing a calming effect and sharpening mental acuity. In fact, L-theanine has been shown to induce a deeply relaxing effect without the sedating effects of relaxing agents. It has even been found that L-theanine actually increases energy levels while reducing anxiety! 1

In an effort to get you enjoying your next cup of Slique Tea™ sooner, we would like to give away three boxes! Winners will be selected randomly from the list of individuals who leave a comment on this blog regarding Slique Tea. Just think: you are one step closer to adding Slique Tea as a weight-loss staple and experiencing a delicious drink that calms the body and soothes the soul through a wonderful little amino acid know as L-theanine.

—Jason Giles, YL Product Manager


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