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Aug 18th, 2011 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

Do you sometimes wonder where your energy and enthusiasm—the “fire”—for a certain project went? If you are like me it’s easy to get things started, but often the flame dims and it can be difficult to complete what you set out to do. If you need to stoke your fire and find more energy, this blog post is for you!

I find that working with essential oils and the five basic elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) are wonderful and effective ways to cultivate and balance energy.

The five elements represent the rawest form of basic energy types that we all have. Through movement, using essential oils, and consciously running our energy, we can significantly boost our energy and bring harmony to mind, body, and spirit.

I have found that when I use essential oils in tandem with yoga and energy exercises from Dr. Stone’s Polarity Therapy, my whole being shifts and I can find the power and focus I need to accomplish my purpose.

Fire helps us focus, have confidence, self-discipline, and meet the challenges that often seem to block us. According to Polarity principles, the fire element resides in the solar plexus, thighs, head, and eyes. The essential oils I recommend for boosting and equalizing the fire element are:

Step 1Set Your Intention

Before you begin, take a moment to center and ground yourself. Set your intention for wanting more energy to get things started, to increase your motivation, or to focus your actions. Place a few drops of your favorite warming and stimulating essential oil in your palms, inhale the aroma, and place a few drops on your solar plexus, which is just between your sternum and belly button. If you have sensitive skin, remember to dilute your essential oils with V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex or a blend of fatty vegetable oils.

Step 2Ta Dasana/Mountain Pose

Stand with your feet together, arms down by your sides, drawing the arches of your feet upwards, elongate your spine, draw your tailbone down toward the floor, bring your shoulder blades down your back, lift your chest, and widen your collarbones. Gently lift the top of your head toward the ceiling. As you become still, focus on your breath and your intention. Occasionally inhale the scent of the essential oil that you chose to work with. Some ideas for your intention might be: “To grow my Young Living business,” or “To have more confidence for when I host my essential oils presentations,” or “To have more energy to complete ______________.” (Fill in the blank with your specific project or task.) You can have a new intention every day or stay consistent with one intention until it has come to completion.

Step 3Preparation

Ha! Breath: Standing with feet hip-distance apart, place your hands right over left, with your left palm centered over the diaphragm. As you inhale through your nose, feel your diaphragm expanding. Exhale through your mouth making a loud, staccato “HA!” sound. Feel your diaphragm contracting. Repeat 5–10 times.

Step 4Execution

HA! Airplane: Find a focal point to look at and allow yourself to settle and relax with your intention in mind. With your feet together, standing tall, bring your arms out to the sides like airplane wings, with your palms facing down. As you inhale three times quickly through your nose, cross your right arm under your left arm, criss-crossing the arms at chest height three times, matching the inhalations with your arm movements. Then bring your arms back out to your sides and rise up onto your tip toes and exhale through your mouth with a loud and sharp “HA!” Repeat 10 times.

When you are complete, I suggest walking around for a few moments to keep your energy moving, then gradually coming back to Mountain Pose to re-connect with your intention. This entire exercise will only take a few minutes, and it can serve as a wonderful pattern disruption when you are feeling stuck, angry, or all over the map with your thoughts or emotions. I find this exercise really helps my students find clarity and become more focused.

Try it and let me know what happens for you!



More energy exercises can be found in Aroma Yoga® by Tracy Griffiths and Ashley Turner. Please visit for your copy.

Tracy Griffiths is a Registered Polarity Practitioner and Registered Polarity Educator and directs of the Life Energy Institute and Grace Aroma Wellness, which offers continuing education for nurses, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. Tracy teaches the essential oil component of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program and is also the co-author of Aroma Yoga®: How to Use Essential Oils in Your Yoga Practice.

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