Business-Building Tip: How to Share Young Living’s Essential Oil Sample Packets

Sep 12th, 2013 | Category: Young Living Product Blog

It has now been a few months since the unveiling of Young Living’s Essential Oil Sample Packets, and the reception has been unbelievable! For those just getting introduced to this new sharing tool, here is why we are excited about this new product:

The success of the Essential Oil Sample Packets and their inclusion into the newly refreshed Starter Kits has made it easier to grow your essential oil business. Not only do these samples allow you to better familiarize yourself with essential oils, but they also add a confident, intimidation-free way to approach new people and introduce them to Young Living. It really is simple to become successful when you can send someone away with the power of essential oil!

Here are just a few tips from Young Living distributors on how easy it is to share our new Essential Oil Sample Packets:

“As a massage therapist, I would share these with clients that come into my studio for body work. I use these oils already, but if I can send them home with a sample, I do believe they will want more. The more they use, the more they will become convinced that they work.”

—Kathy S., Distributor

“The best way to share these oils is by sharing your own personal testimonials with others. Now with the sample packs, it definitely gives an added advantage in convincing them to join after experiencing the benefits of these oils.”

—Elaine H., Star

“These make it so much easier to share with friends and family across the country! They are very easy to mail!”

—Casey C., Distributor

“This comes in handy during those silent elevator rides! It will be a starter conversation on how to start the day.”

—Lola C., Distributor

“These sample packets are awesome! It is so easy to give to new people. I give a sample to all our massage clients with their next appointment card. Love them!”

—Vlada K., Distributor

As always, we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment telling us how you share our Essential Oil Sample Packets.

– Marco Colindres, YL Associate Product Manager

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